"We smash tree! We smash rock! 
       We smash troll! We strong, mon!"



LVL Health Energy Strength Speed Stamina HP/s MP/s
1 250 200 20 10 15 0.20 -0.45
+1 +6 +5 +2 0 +1 +0.02 +0.01

Powerful, slow and durable, he is the best melee fighter among the trolls. Deals great damage in close combat. Able to wear the best weaponry and armors. Good at harvesting resources - crushing rocks and hard rocks, cutting trees, bushes and trolls. Warriors can use items up to item level 4 and dual wield two axes or clubs of the same type.

Weapon Smith enables the warrior to craft weapons and armors out of his inventory.

Combat Leap gives the warrior an ability to jump on the enemy from a short distance.

Combat Tactics allows the warrior to change stance, adapting to the need of the war.

Common Warrior names: Tar-Zon, Xel-Nagor, Sul-Karis, Gul-Dan, Tel-Murnor, Arak-Tul, Razmataz.

Abilities: Stumble Upon (passive) Runspeed: 200
Craft (Warrior) (C) Damage: 10 - 20 (Troll)
Achievements (V) Atkspeed: 2.0 seconds
Combat Leap (Q)


0 (Troll)

Combat Tactics (W)


Panic (E) Food: 200
Rest (R) Heat: 100

Starting Item:

BTNUppgradeAxe1 or Jtr bb club or Tortoise Shield
Stone Axe (lvl 2) Bone Club (lvl 2) Tortoise Shield (lvl 2)


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