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The Voodoo Mask gives a minor melee defense and the chance to evade power attack criticals.

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Voodoo Mask of Life Category Worth Properties
Level 1 Armor, 7 Gold 1 Armor
All Trolls Helmet 10% Evade Power Hit Criticals

Voodoo Masks (lvl 1) can be created in the Voodoo Hut, they can be used by all trolls. They can be imbued with magic for different effects.


Building Result Composite Resources Basic Resources Source
Shamanshut.JPGVoodoo Hut

Voodoo Mask.JPGVoodoo Mask

Wood.jpg1 Wood Jungle
Feather.JPG1 Feather Birds
BTNINV Misc Fish 02-S.jpg2 Fish Bone Fish