Jungle Trolls Wiki

After the game difficulty has been picked, you can chose one out of four hero classes for your troll.

The forceful Warrior, the cunning Hunter, the resourceful Inventor and the wise Shaman.

BTNForestTroll.JPG BTNTroll.JPG BTNForestTrollShadowPriest.JPG BTNHeroTrollVoodooHunter.JPG

Each one has their individual abilities, requirements, strengths and weaknesses towards gameplay. A well balanced tribe has the best chances of survival, being able to quickly adapt to most situations. But having more than one of a class does not hurt the gameplay, since every class can be played in many different ways. Matching any playing style you desire or you are in the mood for..

BUT choose wisely because you can only choose once!

Every troll comes with with a new choice of how you want to play it. After you have picked your class, you can pick a path for your troll. There are three paths each troll can chose from, determining his starting item. But don't worry, choosing the item has no effect on how your troll will behave during the game, that is all up to you! See it as a push in the right direction as a favor by the troll gods.

Every Troll starts out as an empty page, gathering expirience over time. They become stronger, smarter or more cunning. When reaching a new level the trolls gain stat points according to their class.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
XP 0 50 125 225 350 500 675 875 1100 1350

Trolls do not gain skill points, but they can become better at what they do with hard practice. Achievements mark these milestones and add new perks helping them mastering the wild. Some benefit the whole team, some show how much they play a specialized role for their tribe and others make them better at what only they can do. For more information on achievements click the class or go to the achievements article.