Bravely you charge straight for the bushes where you suspect your enemy is hiding. With a giant leap you literally fly through the barrier out of thick plants realizing too late that this wasn't really one of your best ideas. With losing your drift forwards you feel the growing grip of gravity accelerating you towards the ground, which is unlike your assumtion is NOT where you left it before.

With a loud some cascading braking noises and a final SPLOT! you land aproximately 5 feet under your estimation. Well, luckily you landed in something soft - that smells really, really bad. Your swift mind deduces that you have succesfully launched yourself into the debris and ordures of travelers who make rest at this crossway.

Trying your best to hold your stomache contents to yourself, you try to get up again and get out of this pit. Reaching for that branch to pull yourself up the hill you step on something hard that instandly slips away and throws you back into the soft and smelly sea. Swearing you try to grab that stone which made you slip, but as you lift it you realize it is a book someone has carelessly discarded.

Planning your second attempt more cautios you eventually manage to get up again. Sitting down on that rock you open up that book and try to decypher what of the pages might be left.

Quickly you realize this is someones journal:

Lord Gadina Prokleta,

as you have asked of us, we have traveled your land in search for things thaat might cause upset among your peasants. This list is segmented into the regions were these problems appeared ... Read on .

Overflying the next pages you find a seperated parchment folded inside the book, it seams to be a shopping list of some sort. Read it.

Well, at least any enemy will now think twice before coming near you, you decide to go back and chose a new direction.