Stone quick short

Stone is used to craft items, mostly buildings and weapons. Can be thrown (10 damage, 500 range). Stones can be mined from Rocks (1-5 units, every 400 HP), weapons and tools that have a damage bonus against structures are preferrable.

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Tinder Category Worth Properties

Random drop (Jungle)

Basic Resource 2 Gold stackable (5),

Rock (Mining)

throwable (10 Dmg, 500 range)
Buyable from Voodoo Merchant


  • Crafting
  • Upgrading Tower
  • Ammunition (Catapult, Rock Trap)

List of Items

Items that need Stone to craft.

Item Name
Stone Axe
Throwing Axes
Repair Hammer
Armory Kit
Fire Place Kit
Workshop Kit
Merchant Shop Kit
Cauldron Kit
Wall Kit
Bronze Bar
Iron Bar
Pet's Den Kit