"Diz troll cannot die 'mon! 
    Why?!? He'z are already deadz 'mon! ... BWUHAHAHA!"


LVL Health Energy Strength Speed Stamina HP/s MP/s
1 200 250 10 15 20 0.10 -0.40
+1 +3 +10 0 +1 +2 0.00 +0.02

Wise and scary, he is the master of Voodoo. Can heal wounds and even cure poisons and diseases. Has great knowledge of herbs. Can revive dead creatures as rotten zombies under his command. Can use up to two books of Voodoo magics to support his tribe or painfully kill the enemy. Able to use the magic staff or wand and the sarbacane. Shamans can use items up to item level 1.

Herbal Lore allows extracting herb seeds and gives bonus when eating plants.

Voodoo Magic allows using up to 2 spellbooks

Ghost Form allows the shaman to send somebody half in the ghostworld, making him slower, unable to attack and more vulnerable to spells and diseases. Ghost form also doubles the power of healing effects.

Shamanic Healing enables shaman to cure wounds, poisons and diseases.

Shamanic Healing heals 25 (50 with ghost form.) and has a 50% chance to cure disease.

Common Shaman names: Dac'tr Frak'n Stan, Zul-Nagur, Uruk-Vor, Goth 'ic Meh, Qel-Tarus, Okh-Lordrum, Azj-D'Uminiun, Dark-N'Gel.

Abilities: Stumble Upon (passive) Runspeed: 190 (+3 /lvl)
Craft (Shaman) (C) Damage: 10 - 14 (Troll)
Achievements (V) Atkspeed: 2.0 seconds
Voodoo Healing (Q)


0 (Troll)

Voodoo Ghost Form (W)


Panic (E) Food: 200
Rest (R) Heat: 100

Starting Item:

One random Minor Spellbook of

BTNINV Misc Book 10 or BTNINV Misc Book 08-S or BTNINV Misc Book 09-S
Darkness Shadow Light