Jte fur boots

A pair of boots made of rabbit fur that provide warmth and help the user walk faster

Rabbit Fur Boots Category Worth Properties

Level 1

All Trolls


6 Gold

+ 30 Movementspeed

+ 2 Heat / second

Rabbit Fur Boots can be created in the Voodoo Hut, they can be used by all trolls.

They can be padded with Linen Cloth in the Tannery for more heat regain, additionally the Boots can be imbued with magic to double the bonus.

All Fur Boots are virtually unrestricted (level 1), they are ideal if you want a to increase your movementspeed and heat regain.


Building Result Composite Resources Basic Resources Source

Jte fur bootsRabbit Fur Boots

BunnyRabbit Fur Rabbit
RopeRope Tinder2 Tinder Basic Crafting