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A pair of boots made of hardened pig skin that provide some protection and help the user walk faster.

Leather Boots.jpg Pig Leather Boots Category Worth Properties

Level 1

All Trolls


7 Gold

+ 1 Armor

+ 30 Runspeed

Pig Leather Boots) can be created in the Tannery, they can be used by all Trollodites. They can be hardened by adding Bronze Bar in the armory, additionally they can be imbued with magic to doulbe the speed bonus. For other classes different Leather Boots (lvl 1-4) can be created.


Building Result Composite Resources Basic Resources Source

Leather Boots.jpgPig Leather Boots

Pig Skin.JPGPig Skin Pig
Rope.jpgRope Tinder.jpg2 Tinder Basic Crafting