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Voodoo Mask of Life Petrified quick short.jpg

The potent Mojo of Life boosts your vitality and lets you heal your wounds faster.

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Voodoo Mask of Life Category Worth Properties
Level 1 Armor, 25 Gold 2 Armor
All Trolls Helm 20% Evade Power Hit Criticals
1 Health / second
25 Health on use, 25sec Cooldown

The Maks of Life grants a passive heal over time with 1 HP/sec, using heals 25 hitpoints with a cooldown of 25 seconds. Voodoo Masks (lvl 1) can be created in the Voodoo Hut, they can be used by all trolls.

NOTE: Giant Egg is lost when the mask is disassembled!


Building Result Composite Resources Basic Resources Source
Shamanshut.JPGVoodoo Hut

Voodoo Mask.JPGPetrified Voodoo Mask

Wood.jpg1 Petrified Wood Dead Tree
Feather.JPG1 Feather Birds
BTNINV Misc Fish 02-S.jpg2 Fish Bone Fish
Shamanshut.JPGVoodoo Hut Voodoo Mask of Life.JPGPetrified Voodoo Mask of Life Giant Egg.JPGAny Giant Egg Alligator, Tarantula, Giant Tortoise
Mana Stone.jpg1 Mana Stone Rare
Feather.JPG1 Feather Birds