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A pair of gloves made of racoon fur that have been padded with linen cloth to provide additional warmth.

BTNINV Bracer 04.JPG Lined Racoon Gauntlets Category Worth Properties

Level 1

All Trolls

Armor 10 Gold

+ 10% Attackspeed

+ 10% Powerhit Critical

+ 5 Heat / 10 seconds

Lined Racoon Gauntlets can be created in the Tannery, they can be used by all trolls.

The Gauntlets can be imbued with magic at the Voodoo Hut to double the bonuses.

All Fur Gauntlets are virtually unrestricted (level 1), they are ideal if you want a to increase your damage output.


Building Result Composite Resources Basic Resources Source

BTNINV Bracer 08.jpgRacoon Fur Gauntlets

Racoon.JPGRacoon Fur Racoon

Rope.jpgRope Tinder.jpg2 Tinder Basic Crafting
BTNSpiritLodge.JPGTannery BTNINV Bracer 04.JPGLined Racoon Fur Gauntlets Jtr linen cloth.jpg1 Linen Cloth Tinder.jpg2 Tinder BTNSpiritLodge.JPGTannery