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Padded Fur Coat.jpg Padded Racoon Fur Coat Category Worth Properties

Level 1

Warrior, Hunter, Inventor and Shaman

Armor 14 Gold

+ ?? Armor

+ heat/ second - ??% Powerhit Damage

Padded Racoon Fur Coat provides a small amount of armor and increased heat over time. It can be used by all Trolls. Adding the Giant Tortoise Shell restricts the coat to level 1.


Building Result Composite Resources Basic Resources Source

Fur Coat.jpgRacoon Fur Coat

2 Racoon Fur Racoon
BTNSpiritLodge.JPGTannery Deer Hide.JPGAntelope Leather Antelope
Rope.jpgRope Tinder.jpg2 Tinder Basic Crafting
BTNSpiritLodge.JPGTannery Padded Fur Coat.jpgPadded Racoon Fur Coat Jtr linen cloth.jpg2 Linen Cloth Tinder.jpg4 Tinder BTNSpiritLodge.JPGTannery