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JTR - Jungle Trolls Reborn

"Even though you had been warned, you have sold your belongings and embarked on this lunatic journey. There is no way turning back now, all you can do now is to"

Jungle Trolls Reborn (Original map by A.Dominion) is a Wilderness survival RPG map for Warcraft 3 currently developed by Gadina_Prokleta.

Jungle Trolls Reborn has been first released in 2006 and has been constantly updated since.

For the current version of the map go to or look at the bottom of the page.

Places to find people to play with can be found in the playground section.


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Current Version of Jungle Trolls Reborn

Latest Version: Jungle Trolls Reborn 5.5, released 01.04.2013. Link to the Official Changelog


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Link to the Official Changelog


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