Jungle Trolls Wiki

There are many forms of wildlife in Jungle Trolls Reborn. It is important to know which animals and plants are dangerous, which are not, and most importantly which provide important resources for surviving your first night. Below are the various flora and fauna which provide such benefits:

Non-dangerous animals


Main Page: Frog

Frogs are unable to directly attack, but hitting one will cause you to be poisoned for a short time. They will only drop 1 Raw Meat and 1 Bone.

Important animals


Main Page: Boar

Boars not only drop a good amount of Raw Meat and Bones, but they also give Pig Skin, which is important for making tents.

Dangerous animals


Main Page: Froll 

Frolls appear mainly in the center island. They function similar to enemy players, gathering fish and fish bones to place in their Froll Huts, which produce more frolls. They can also use mana stones to increase the health of their Froll Huts, and eventually they will go to war and try to destroy any totems they find.


Main Page: Alligator

Alligators are formidable foes. They have strong attacks which can cause the Pain debuff.