Level HP MP Damage Atkspd. Armor Runspeed XP
2 80 800 1-40 3 0 210 45

A Hawk that helps the Hunter to scout for items or enemy presence.
Drops 4 Raw Meat and 1 Feathers.

Hawk's Eye (lvl 3) Unit can detect hidden units within 600 range
Swoop (80) Hawk swoops down at target dealing 40 damage,
85% chance to stun for 2 seconds
NOTE: Hawk is grounded for a brief time after swoop
Flying Unit can pass over any terrain and
only harmed by ranged attacks
Aqu./Atk.Range 150/1
Vision D/N 1400/1200
Carnivore Unit gains positive effects from meat and bones
Beast of Burden Unit can be used to carry items
Inventory (2) Unit can hold an extended amount of items
Resurrectable Unit can be turned into a Zombie Vulture