Deer Hide Level HP MP Damage Atkspd. Armor Runspeed XP
4 300 0 17 - 27 6 0 300 40

Rare Elder Royal Stag.

Medium herbivore mamal.

Drops 1 Elderbeast Skull, 1 Antelope Horns, 1 Antelope Leather, 1 Bone and 6 Raw Meat.

Stumble Upon Unit can detect hidden units within 125 range
Gallop Unit can move 60% faster for 10 seconds
Herbivore Unit gains positive effects from vegetable foods
Aqu./Atk.Range 150/100
Vision D/N 1000/1000
Beast of Burden Unit can be used to carry items
Inventory (6) Unit can hold an extended amount of items
Resurrectable Unit can be turned into a Zombie Stag
Change Owner Unit can be controlled by other players