Jungle Trolls Wiki

So you did bite the big one? Well, it's not over for you, yet.

The Death system in Jungle Trolls Reborn might be bit overwhelming for most at first. If your troll really has the misfortune to find a untimely end, he will drop everything he had equipped with a few troll remains.

NOTE: As of 5.5, unless you are playing HARDCORE Mode,  you get to keep your gear in your inventory, only resources are dropped.

After your death you have risen as undead spirit unable to touch anything else than the flesh you can feast upon. Since you spirit is withering this is only temporary until you are forced to sell your soul and come back to the living.

Luckily there are a other ways to revive your troll without losing his soul.

-  With your tribes totem:            Wonder of Ressurection (Totem Ability)

-  With the magical item:                Ring of Ressurection (Quest Item)

Keep in mind that you CANNOT become a spirit if you don't have a soul anymore!

So you have sold your soul to the devil and fear to burn eternally in the flames of hell if you die again?

You can get your soul back - for a price! The Trader at teh center of the map can release you from your contract, if you bring 100 gold and a(ny) sooul deed.