Da Big Shield quick short

Shields are a good choice for trolls to reduce the damage taken in meele combat and provide some protection against missiles and spells.

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Tortoise Category Worth Properties
Level 1 Armor, 15 Gold 60% to block up to 10 melee damage
Warrior, Hunter, Inventor Shield Blocks a power hit every 6 sec
Quest Reward

Tortoise Shield blocks up to 10 meele damage and is a good choice for trolls fighting in close combat. Additionally it gives the wearer a very good protection from ranged and spell attacks blocking them every 6 seconds.

Shields CANNOT be used with ranged weapons and weapons who use the second hand (Torch). Does not block friendly fire, area attacks and power hit criticals


Building Result Composite Resources Basic Resources Source
Old Troll

Da Big ShieldDa Big Shield

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