Jungle Trolls Wiki

Original Creators
→ XelNaga (Ice Troll Tribes)
→ A.Dominion (Jungle Troll Tribes)
→ gadina_prokleta (Jungle Trolls Reborn)
→ Dark_Angel
→ A.Dominion
Testers and contributors
→ Inhyper
→ Meur
→ Dangerb0y
Resource contributors
→ creators of World Editor Unlimited
Vexorian (Vexorian's Map Optimizer)
→ Domocun (model for Snake)
→ Mc (icon)
Sellenisko (model for Troll Shaman)
→ communist_orc (model for Stockage box)
→ OgeRfaCes (icon for Light aura)
→ Stanakin Skywalker (model and icon for Antelope)
→ General Frank (icon for Troll Shaman)
→ b17rider (icon for Heat Aura)
→ NFWar (icons for Poison daggers, Horn dagger, Horn Spear, Voodoo mask of Life)
→ kola (icons for Inventor plans, Inventor recipe)
→ FhelZone (icons for Torch, Camp fire)
→ Kimberly (icons for Warrior's berserk, Hunter's Move through the shadows)
→ Werewulf (icon for Crab's Hold pray)
→ Forgotten_Warlord (icon for Demonic voodoo mask)
→ Hellish Hybrid (model for Cauldron without heads)
→ Paladon (icon for Voodoo healing)
→ 67chrome (icon for Voodoo mask)
→ Golden-Drake (icon for Spider's Web)
Tranquil (model for Siege Tower)
Dangerb0y (stacking system: Easy Item Stack n' Split)
→ Matarael (some models of boots and gauntlets)
→ Krysis (icon for boots)
CRAZYRUSSIAN (icons for boots, dual axes)
Mr.Goblin (icons for gauntlets, warrior Tactics - Juggernout)
Daelin (model for Benefic aura - heat)
karland90 (model for Fishing Bobber)
viiva (icon for Ghostly Voodoo Mask, button icons for game interface)
Kuhneghetz (model and icon for Sabretooth Cat)
Im_On_56k (utility for finding memory leaks: Leak Check 3.1)