Cooked Meat quick short

Cooked Meat is obtained by placing Raw Meat on a lit fire camp. Once a tribe has a cauldron, they may further put the cooked meat in the cauldron to turn it into Meat Stew.

Depending on a troll's level in the Cooking achievement, there is a 33%/66%/100% chance to create a tasty food version.

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Cooked Meat Category Worth Properties

Fire Place

Food 1 Gold stackable (10)
Food (carnivore, omnivore)
+30 food
+10 Health over 10 sec
can be sacrificed (20 Mana)


  • Food


Building Result Composite Resources Basic Resources Source
BTNCampfireFire Place

Cooked Meat

BTNRawMeatAny Meat Animal, Troll