Bronze Cuirass quick short

A chest armor covered with bronze scales that provides a lot of protection.

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Bronze Plate Category Worth Properties
Level 2 Armor, 23 Gold 10 Armor
Warrior, Hunter, Inventor Bodyarmor 10% Powerhit Reduction

Bronze Cuirass can be used by all Trolls, except Shaman and can be created in the Armory. Other levels of different Bronze Armors (lvl 1-4) can be created. Bronze Armors can be upgraded to stronger Iron Armors in the Armory.


Building Result Composite Resources Basic Resources Source

Leather ArmorCrab Chitin Coat

CrabChitin2 Crab Chitin Crab
BTNSpiritLodgeTannery Deer HideAntelope Leather Antelope
RopeRope Tinder2 Tinder Basic Crafting

Bone ArmorBone Cuirass

Bone4 Bone BTNUndeadShrine(animals)
BTNForgeArmory Bronze ArmorBronzeCuirass Bronze2 Bronze Bar FlintStone2 Flint + 2 Stone BTNMetallurgyForge