Bone Plate quick short

A chest armor reinforced with bones that provides good protection.

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Bone Plate Category Worth Properties
Level 4 Armor, 16 Gold 12 Armor
Warrior Bodyarmor 5% Powerhit Reduction

Bone Plate can be created in the Armory, it can be used by the Troll Warrior only. For other classes different Bone Armors (lvl 1-4) can be created. Bone Armors can be upgraded to stronger Bronze Armors in the Armory.


Building Result Composite Resources Basic Resources Source

Leather ArmorAlligator Leather Coat

BTNSeaTurtleGreen1 Alligator Leather Alligator
BTNSpiritLodgeTannery Deer Hide1 Antelope Leather Antelope


2 Tinder

Basic Crafting
BTNForgeArmory Bone ArmorBone Plate Bone4 Bone BTNUndeadShrine(animals)
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