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Feathers of the Giant Vulture. Can be sold or disassembled in 4 Feathers.

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Iron Axe

Category Worth Properties
Armory Weapon 15 50% Chance to deal 3x Damage
Level 4 Ability to cut trees, thick grass and vines
Throw (60 Dmg, 300 Range, -10 Energy, 10% Crit 2x)

Iron Axe is the a very powerful axe and can be created in the Armory. It can only be used by the Troll Warrior, there are different axes (lvl 1-4) for other classes available.

Iron Axes can be thrown for heavy damage. Throw Iron Axe: 300 Range, - 10 Energy, 60 Damage, Critical throw: 10% chance to deal 120 Dmg.

List of Items

Items that need Iron Axe to craft.

Item Name
Iron Axe Dual Set (lvl 4)
Fiery Axe (lvl 4)


Building Result Composite Resources Basic Resources Source
IronIron Bar StoneOil2 Stone + Oil BTNMetallurgyForge
BTNForgeArmory BTNINV Axe 10Iron Axe Wood1 Wood Jungle
RopeRope Tinder2 Tinder Basic Crafting