Jungle Trolls Wiki

Jungle Trolls is a team survival game.

You take the role of a troll in the wilderness, in a tribe of four.

First of all you need to work together with your tribe-mates to survive in the harsh jungle. You will need to build a troll village together and test yourself against the powerful beasts that lurk in the depths of the jungle. If your tribe survives its many challenges and the other tribes fail to survive, one way or another (even open all out war), you win.

Game play In the early parts of the game your main challenge is to keep your Troll in good shape: don't get him killed by dangerous beasts, find food for him and warm shelter to rest during the cold nights.You mainly wander through the vast jungle looking for resources with which you can craft buildings and eventually weapons and clothes.

Depending on your class you will find different solutions to your problems and the tribe will rely on you to perform different tasks.

Upon game start the first player has to choose the game mode.