Level HP MP Damage Atkspd. Armor Runspeed XP
2 300 400 20-50 6 12 400 60

Huge Reptilian
Big Green Alligator, Terror of Amazone !! Swimming forbidden around 1 mile.
Drops 1 Alligator Leather, 5 meat and 4 bones.

Stumble Upon Unit can detect hidden units within 125 range
Critical Strike 25% chance to deal 2x damage
Amphibious Unit can move through water
Aqu./Atk.Range 600/175
Vision D/N 1200/800
Lazyness Unless in danger unit moves at 25% of it's movementspeed
Carnivore Unit gains positive effects from meat and bones
Inventory (1) Unit can hold its prefered food
Resurrection Unit can be turned into Zombie Alligator
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